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Our Services to you:

  • Direct response to your clients;

  • Free examination of the damage;

  • Advice whether the claim has merit in collaboration with you; (You have the knowledge of the customers' policy)

  • In case of warranted, direct response to mitigate any and all further damage;

  • Direct start with the estimate, written in the insurance program Xactimate, which is accepted by all insurance carriers;

  • Assist your clients through the process before and after the claim has been filed;

  • Assist the insurance adjuster with the correctness of the claim.

The Advantage:

  • No frivolous claims.  Benefitting you and your clients;

  • You can actively assist the clents with eyes and ears on the ground;

  • Lower claim amounts, due to direct mitigation;

  • Happy and grateful clients, with you at the forefront in their time of need;

  • Higher visibility for you in the community as you actively assist the clients with their damages; (Word of mouth is the best marketing tool for local businesses)

  • Shorter time for claim handling;

  • The fastest repair time with completely satisfied clients.


Our Commitment:

  • Your clients will be contacted within 15 minutes of us receiving the information;

  • Appointment for site-visit will be made at that time with the customer;

  • Emergencies will be handled directly, and if approved, mitigation will be started at the time of the visit;

  • We will help the clients, with you, to make sure their wellbeing is guaranteed;

  • NO charge for the visit if no claim has to be filed.

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