After the mitigation we are there to help you restore all the damages. Professional and in collaboration with your insurance. Depending on your coverage it will not cost you more than your deductible.

Restoration Services


If you experience a flood, burst pipe , sewer back up, Fire or any other emergency we are there to help you clean it up. We have the best technicians who can , with the least amount of damage, get the job done.

Emergency services

in collaboration with your insurance adjuster we will make sure that your repair estimate will be correct. This will save you the hassle of negotiating with the insurances.

Your agent can always be involved.

Ask your agent if he is member of the preferred agent program.

There will be items that will be completely damaged beyond repair. We will help you create a list for the insurance. They will pay out in accordance to your coverage. It will take away the stress so you can focus on the day to day issues.

Non Salvageables


After fire or other calamity which impacts your textiles we will make sure that within 24 hours you have an emergency amount cleaned and ready to use.

All other textiles will be cleaned and folded and returned to you at a your convenience.

Textile services

With fire comes smoke. Smoke damages your fragile electronics and can also make them smell. We will take care of all your electronics. If they can be cleaned they will be. Some items can not be cleaned unfortunately and we will help you with the claims process



For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 440-552-2071 or fill out the following form


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I have been in Restoration for over 15 years. My compassion for people who are in need led me to form our organization. With us you are in the best hands. We always treat your property as we would our own. The quality of life is of paramount importance. We strive to be the fastest in response time and the best in quality. And NO job is to small or big. We have created a group of the best contractors in NE Ohio with the same compassion and heart.

You will be taken care off the best way possible.

We now have a full line of textile cleaning


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